Kinklash Lash Tool

Kinklash Lash Tool

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Say goodbye to clumpy, messy application and hello to EASE and precision with The Kinklash Lash Tool AKA Eyelash N Mascara Shield AKA (lash buddy) 

Designed to help you achieve flawlessly beautiful lashes with ease, this innovative tool ensures a seamless and close-to-the-lash-line finish while minimizing the risk of clumps or smudges caused by mascara.

It features a sleek, ergonomic design that fits comfortably in your hand.

Use the:

Curved tip to hug your lash line and say goodbye to the dreaded "jump" effect, where lashes appear disconnected from the lash line. resulting in a seamless blend that enhances your eyes' natural beauty.

Shield as a protective barrier, preventing accidental smudging of mascara stains on your eyelids and surrounding skin. 

Lash Comb to ensure that each individual eyelash is lifted and separated for a naturally glamorous look.

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